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Last Stand

I’ve haven’t been able to do much in a while, final exams at school were hard, not impossible tho. This is the last week before summer holidays, which I’m waiting anxiously for ~
Past week I had soooo much to write, but I got used to it; and I kinda liked it. Anyway…

Like 2 or 3 weeks ago, some friends and I were to our usual korean-restaurant which was awesome, the food is actually very healthy and friggin’ marvelous


In front of Sukine restaurant, there is a chinese store, very cute one; where I always go and buy some unnecessary stuff. And a very nice chinese-cashier-girl works (or owns) there, whose I’ve always tried to speak to (in mandarin), but still… haven’t dared ;____;

Also, last friday me and only girls -left guys at home- (lolols) went to some random bars to drink the most weird liquids I have ever seen XD  had a great-funny-night there ❤

Pan, [a.k.a] Pantsu lololss…

Bear with me

Little Birdie ~

Llevo alrededor de 30… 40 niveles de Angry Birds y puta que estoy aburrida.
He escuchado unas 50 veces Mr. Taxi desde hace un par de días… Oh My ~
He tenido amigdalitis por dos semanas, y ha hecho muchísimo frío.

Estoy jugando un Shooter que descargué; en tercera persona… tirrible futurista, y me encantó. Amaría hacerme algún traje -para variar- de los que usan ahí. S4 League FTW !

Debo decir que me está llamando mucho el hacer algún cosplay de niña -non crossplay- pero no sé…
Digamos que nunca he tenido el cuerpo de cualquier prota ecchi ~ Orz 

Fin de semana largo: donde debería haber estudiado Neurobiología… qué mierda mas grande.

‘bout cosplay : Para las vacaciones de invierno c:
… igual me quedo con Plant v/s Zombies.


Bear with me

The Self

El hombre de negro huía a través del desierto,

y el pistolero iba en pos de él.


El azar es algo chistoso, no pretende sorprenderte, pero actúa de maneras muy extrañas. Y me agrada, debo decir. Es jocoso como toma diferentes caminos para llegar a un mismo punto; como se bifurca creando infinidades de opciones, pero al final es sólo uno el que sentimos… con esa colectiva sensación del ser, quiero decir.

Decidí cambiarme de carrera; decidir en serio por lo que realmente quiero. Aunque sea una de las primeras veces, y me tiene contenta.

Bear with me

Cry me a river by Michael Bublé

I feel bored, or scared of life. Seems it has nothing to give me. I’ve wanted to put an end to it since weeks ago, but I don’t have the guts. I’ve never have them. This is gonna be a piece of me that maybe I don’t want to forget.

I wanna be a photographer. I want to find eternity, and print it on paper, where it would remain forever. And I believe I have the skill to find it.

I am a lonely person, I don’t need other people with me and I don’t care. People these days doesn’t seem to care about important stuff; they don’t give a shit about Loyalty, about Eternity, about Pride. Just insubstantial relations or meaningless thoughts.

Colder days have come at last, which makes me feel really good. It’s the perfect excuse to go to Starbucks more, to warm your body (and soul aswell, why not).

Past week was my last-first lesson of my Chinese path. Luckily we all agreed to make a second part to keep learning together. So, it’s cool. This two months I realised that I’m more social with older people. (They are all 30-40, and most of them: already married xD). So it’s pretty weird to be the youngest one. But it doesn’t bother me at all.

Bih Lian, our teacher, cooked for us some tsk… “Zhong guo cai 8D” (Chinese food, REAL Chinese food) wich was heavenly. In my way back home, I realised how much I like other languages. I would like to learn Russian next. Then, maybe Mayan ot Latin

I love photography too much. I’ve been looking forward on buying a new camera (Canon or Nikon). But i’m too young for a job yet. (Well… I’m actually 17). And i don’t get money really often. And I also found those bishie-boots I’ve been searching since a long time, and they are very expensive T^T (like… 140US). I need munnies.

Bear with me

No Clouds In Blue Heavens

Like 2, or maybe 3 hours ago, I came back from the beach (I really hate beach). At the very north of my country. Very Hot. Really boring. Very nothing. I can’t believe I spent a week there (Family trip. I couldn’t say NO). Anyway. It gave me several moments to clear my mind, to think what I want… at last for now. I really NEED this year for me. To see things clearly. To plan (somehow) my future.

Is incredible how things looks so tiny from the plane. Nothing seems to reach you. Just clouds, like a safe floor that will catch you if you fall. Softly and calm.

One day I started to feel completelly alone. And all for sudden, I saw a tiny light at the end of the tunnel. It was a short text from a friend, a really close friend for me. Who asked when I was gonna be back, and how was I.

I have never been close to many people. To anyone, actually. I’m very idiot with people. I’m sarcastic, boring, serious and a total asshole. But she seems to be the first person who can stand next to me. She’s my total opposite. Hyper, funny, pretty, VERY PRETTY and nice. And I don’t really know why she does all of this… but I really apreciate her. She’s becoming quite important to me :).

Bear with me

One Bloody Hot Summer

I went to Stabucks this morning, to get a vitalizing Chai Tea Latte with soy milk. The sun was annoying early, as usual. But a cold breeze was blowing softly with a nice smell. It wasn’t that bad after all.

Then, doctor. Blooody bad. Literally.

I also found a chinesse-food store near my house, where I can buy ingredients for cooking it. Quite interesting I thought… now that I will have time for these things :). Because, finally, I won’t go to school this year. Wich makes me feel REALLY better. I’ll take free exams, osu. I’ll have plenty of time to do my things, to go out, to sew, to cook (study too, of course), and many other things. Is going to be really interesting…

Also, this year I must decide what I am going to study at university. And I will have to prepare myself  for a big exam, so I can get in. It’s called PSU, wich means something like “University Selection Test” or well… something like that.


Yesterday I went to the cinema. I saw The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, wich was awesome. I forgot the last time I enjoyed so much a movie. (No, I didn’t liked Avatar THIS much. Just the effects). I really loved the last job of Heath Ledger, it’s… I don’t know… i really have no words to describe it xD since yesterday i feel weird. The movie really shocked me. I’ve already seen him on Batman and Candy, wich I really liked. But this time was… different. Whatever.

I’m having terrible nights since weeks ago. I can’t sleep. I wake up every 30 mins and I try to sleep again, but it keeps happening. I sleep like 3 or 4 hours each night. My doctor also gave me pills for this. But it doesn’t seem to work.

Days go on slowly. And yellow.