Time Waits for No One / 今天是我的生日!!

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+10000 EXP
+3000 Self Confidence
+4000 Armor againts assholes !
New achievements unlocked !
World Quests updated !
New languages slots avaliable !
New weapons gained !
You unlocked Sun Wukong’s magic weapon !
You won Pan’s sexy Skin and “Im so gonna kick yer ass” Skin !

Geez I’m so nerd. . . *shame*

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22 Things you should totally do before you get 22

This was supposed to be a terrible day, like never wanting to have a Birthday again, like starting to hate birthdays. I feel really old, like I haven’t achieved anything quite important (in matters of life) yet.
But this started differently and I remembered how much I loved birthdays. I kinda feel popular for once in a year, hah. . . I had my favourite cake, unexpected gifts; and even tho Facebook now pretty much does the job, I had the most cute greetings from friends which I really needed. It really took the shitty week away. I love having Birthdays, maybe not partys or huge things. . . but it feels nice.

1. Dare to travel alone, maybe not somewhere too far like China but, to have an adventure, a real one. Not to expect much and to be surprised daily. If new plans come along, take them without a doubt. It took me a lot of time to digest it, but even if it was for the worst reason, I do not regret of Hong Kong. Becos it was meant to happen, and thats it. Besides, it took me a lot of courage, and I HAD to swallow many fears to do smth, even if it was wrong. And that’s the end of it, haha.

2. Fall in love, as many times as you can. It hurts, you might want to die sometimes. . . I’ve been there, believe me. But the good part of it, it is great indeed. It like hitting the ground again and again. But once you stand up and dare to keep walking, it is amazing.

3. I do not think this as an advice, but if you want. . . I wish you could have a movie-like kiss. Something that digs deep in yourself, a kiss you never want to forget, so passionate, wild and special that everytime you remember it -even by accident- brings you a belly laugh or a smile. Becos it turns only into a memory, like a private moment that even if that person is now gone, you will always have a sweet moment to remember.

4. Definitely: dare to do STUPID THINGS. I’ve been shy and introverted my whole life. It started with this blog in my case, and then who knows, you may end up daring to sing in public, wearing a cool costume or whatever. Great memories are made of stupid things. DARE TO BE SILLY !

5. Always pet animals! If there was something that made my day everyday while walking to my job, was petting homeless dogs. They were always full of joy and moving their tails. Even tho I HATE dogs, cats are hard to find. . . its something silly that can bring you a smile.

6. Make something to be proud of! If you have abilities. . . I don’t know, at drawing, writing, playing the piano. . . record it, take a picture and share it! It may not be big at first, but as the years go by, you will realise those little things meant a lot to you and how much effort you put on them. To be more up to date. . . have a nice Instagram, write a book, have a blog, take pictures and share them on Flickr . . . I don’t know 🙂

7. Collect something, even if is something small like stickers or smth really expensive like . . . I don’t know: diamonds. Tiny achievements really makes you feel like you are doing it right ~

8. Get obsessed with any drama or comedy. Anime and Doramas also counts. But its cool to see your life/problems reflected on a comedy or a heart-breaking issue in a drama. Or even if you don’t feel resembled at all. . . watch something you like but for real!

9. Learn a new language. Just Becos.
And it helps you to get new friends!

10. Learn to like being alone. Let’s face it: nobody has friends/family or bf/gf all the time. So in those moments or periods you are / feel alone as fuck. . . learn how to enjoy yourself. It is super important becos it is hard to learn when you HAVE TO becos noneone else is there. Maybe buy something you like, eat your favourite cheesecake food, listen to your favourite song or do something that makes you happy BY YOURSELF.

11. 你不能害怕做更大的梦,
Aim higher everytime without being too ambitious and do not expect anything. Just do what you want the most.

12. Never do what you don’t want to be done to yourself. Learn to be empathic even if you don’t want to, becos sooner or later, universe, destiny or my fist will reach your face. Think of others as persons and have a minimum of respect for even those you don’t know at all.

13. Don’t loose yourself in spoiled behaviours like cheating. Be single or be taken. Being with someone means an implicit commitment of two persons mature enough to be together, not to add others secretly from time to time. I’ve never done it, and It feels amazing to recriminate that issue to cheaters. You will feel that way too if you never do 🙂

14. Your promises mean something. You create things with anything you say, you can make people expect something from you out of something you say. Think on what you say, everytime. Be sincere. Do not lie. Life gets much less complicated that way ❤

15. Try to meet your most admired person in the world! I must proudly say that I was SO CLOSE to meet Yuegene in person u/////u

16. Go to a concert of your favourite band, definitely will make your brain explode. The Gazette concert was one of the most adrenalinic experiences in ma whole life.

17. Enjoy little things. This must sound repetitive but. . . once you get what I’m trying to say, life gets way more enjoyable ❤

18. Do not listen to what others criticise about you. They will talk when you do something, and they will when you don’t. If those are your “friends”, leave them. Some of them are –luckily– not supposed to last forever, but there is always someone that will appreciate you by what you are, it takes time. But it ALWAYS shows up.

19. Time waits for no one.
Don’t wait for things to happen, becos they won’t. Do something about it, make sacrifices, spare some time, effort and FIGHT for what you want. There is no such thing as destiny that decides for you. You are the one that makes the difference in your life. If you have no money, work. If you need to wait for something important, make that wait worth it.

20. Accept your mistakes. But it is not only that, change the outcome. If you did something wrong: face it like a man. FACE consequences becos life has many of ‘em.

21. Reach or. . . WIN your honor. Try to live as an honorable person.
Are you?

22. Identify yourself with someone you admire and get the best of them. They can be actors, fictional characters, videogames characters, etc. Slowly they will become your role model and (if they are good persons, lol) they may lead you thru the good way 🙂

At this last point I’ve been identified by so many role models depending my age. . . Since Lara Croft, Milk, Kanwu, Rukia. . . well you see the pattern rite. . . lmao.
Lately I’ve been so into Zankyou no Terror and –not so much– into Tokyo Ghoul.

Sometimes I feel like someones is watching me, and then they draw somth. . .






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