It’s good to be humble at different aspects of life. So, just when I can, I like to go shopping. LOL
I really suffer at winter, so I needed a coat or some warm clothes. . . (人*・ω・)

I’ve never had a prominent waist, so the coat really does a job ~ (〃゚∇゚〃)
Wait. . . since WHEN do I care about this ?. . .


So, last Friday Moni and I arranged a meeting for having lunch together. I had the idea to go, once again, to Sukine; a cool Korean restaurant that I approve. I had a fantastic time there, mostly becoz of the company, it was a very pleasing chat. Just the right person to start meeting new people. Anyway. . .

☆ Pan agaisnt food: WIN ☆

Geez, my hair is soo long (◎。◎;) . . .

Und hey~ I’ve never seen Mochi for real

After that, we gathered with some other friends, and we ended up going to a pretty cool karaoke in Bellavista. First we went to a super-rocker bar, where we were super cool with our super rocker outfits *SARCASM*. It was fantastic! very enjoyable atmosphere, good music & perfect drinks! There, once again, I attempted to ask for –now my favourite drink–  Cosmopolitan. And they had the drink on the menu! (not many other bars where I’ve asked before, actually had it). It was marvelous !!. We saw/heard Sandro, Justin Timberlake, even Cecilia!

Where?  Santo Secreto.


Yesterday night we went to the cinema to watch The Amazing Spiderman. It was TERRIFIC nd FANTASTIC. Finally Peter Parker is characterized with a guy with balls. I mean, last actor was a full mess!! He was just a shy, weird, antisocial and stupid guy with no right to carry the superhero suit. But now, OK. . . they tried to make a shy and looser Peter, but when the time came: he took courage to face his fears, enemies and bear with the responsibility and consequences of his role. You can see a man deserving the suit.

I really liked the plot development, which didn’t showed unnecessary stuff, and it was clever. The actors were chosen super correctly, and the soundtrack was perfect ! ~

I just NEED to watch it AGAIN.


(* ̄o ̄)




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