☆ Dear my future [ 2 ]

No importa cuánto tiempo pase, sus canciones son increíbles como siempre ~~ Esperaré esternamente hasta que pueda verlos en vivo (>へ<)



Since last Thursday everything came up so fast, yet fantastic. Aku and I went to our aforementioned, and usual Korean restaurant; for a terrific lunch and, surprisingly, very well received B: I think they are finally remember us XDDDDDD Orz. After that, coming out of nowhere we decided to go to the cinema to see Avengers (first time) which was AWESOMEEEEEEEEE. I really enjoyed watching all fantastic special effects and great actors (Robert Dawney Jr. FTW and surprisingly I LOVED Tom Hiddleston as Loki… how could a man have such a perfect smile and facial gestures D: ?!?!!). The only one I hated was Hawkeye… OVERACTING.

And… popcorn hiper-sized. Yeah… we are such a clichee <3. He makes me be a cliche. I’ve never been use to love or cute things… I’ve always been cold, apathetic, deeply sarcastic and actually very distant to… many. Which is the reason of why I think of him as a living Soushi. He has actually gave me many reasons to be a better.. me. Nevermind…

Today we celebrated a year together. Best experience in life. Ever. One of those days you will ever want to forget. And… I do not want to add too much. But it was flawless. Besides: we saw The Avengers again B:

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En realidad… pensaba escribir alguna crítica o comentario de algo. Pero no hoy, descansaré de todo eso. El mundo seguirá su caótico curso un día mas.

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