Infinite Sky

*Written like 2 or 3 weeks ago*

Last Monday, Wani and I organized a random photoshoot, so I could finally have pictures of my finished Alto Saotome cosplay, from Macross Frontier; and he could practice his shots so he can become a better photographer that he already is (○^▽^○) He is so talented, I tell you ~

It was very hard for me to choose a correct place for the whole session, since It cannot be made anywhere… I wanted the location to have fantastic buildings, concrete and glass made, so it could –somehow– resemble Macross Frontier’s fleet. Luckily I found the right place near the mall I frequently go to. After a not-so hard make up, putting the wig on and stuff, we kept avoiding guards whom time to time come near us to told us we could not take pictures and restrictive terms… I hate that, here you can’t take picture where you want to, even asking for permission. Anyways… we found many other places which left us happy for the pics  (/ー ̄)/ ~~

After all that, there, now one of my favorites places to go; we found a Starbucks  –which we both love– and many others restaurants. We ate some delicious coffees/teas, looked the photos and took off make-up, wig and costume ~

That day was such a fantastic-wanism-futuristic adventure (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
Everything ended up FABULOUS MAX ~~


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Quise tratar de editar las fotos por mí misma, ya que nunca aprendí a usar Photoshop o Lightroom (que ambos descargué); luego de alrededor de una hora y media de frustración tengo algunas fotos que… igual no están mal… pero sigo sintiendo que hay un mundo de cosas que no sé. Y lo odio e___e. Y obviamente están abiertas a las más indignas de las críticas…

En cualquier caso, subí algunas a mi WorldCosplay ~



4 thoughts on “Infinite Sky

  1. el pelo azul está LO MÁS! se que hay toda una filosofia del cosplay pero hay personas que les queda como a ti y a otras como a nosotras que el rubioooo falso de bote queda mejor! una brazo

    1. Muchas gracias!
      Independiente que si, creo que hay gente que no le viene para nada… creo que con mucho esfuerzo, maquillaje y pelucas uno puede verse bastante bien =)
      Un abrazo enorme !


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