[ Like Everybody Else ] ?

Just a few minutes ago I was listening our annual international music festival. I was listening to Morrissey, which was one the the greatest musicians that has ever played here. His last song, How Soon Is Now made me look back on so many shitty-old memories. How miserable and lame I was. How much I used to hate myself, in so many ways -remains a lot, tho-
But now that is over, after an incredible show; I realize… how  good, and peaceful I am feeling now. I have everything I need: I’m on my way to success at college, start working at a famous store soon (This may not be true at %100, but it is for me 8D )… but more than all of that: I have somebody that truly cares and cherishes me. The most honest and pure person I’ve ever seen. I’m really grateful for all you have gave me. Plus friends too, but I have wrote so many cute and KAWAII stuff about them already… u///u (I don’t ACTUALLY talk like this)


I’m not saying that everything has been made by you. But a very important part of it.
It’s been hard, but I think I’ve finally made it. IOSHH

In order to succeed ( 生存 戦略 ), I’ve finally read and watched all manga and animu/series I missed last and this year: Bleach, Gantz, Vampire Knight, Are you alice?, InoxBoku SS, Macross Frontier, Durarara, Natsume Yuu-jin Chou, Bakemonogatari!

Besides, I would highly recommend (Which are my favorites most of them): Code Geass, Higashi no Eden, Bakemonogatari, Sayoonara Zetsubou Sensei, Mawaru Penguin Drum, Un-GO, Lucky Dog,  Mirai Nikki, Vampire Knight, Maji Love %1000 (Uta no Prince-Sama), Sengoku Bassara  ~ If I remember more, I’ll post them B:

[7.13.2017. Estoy en proceso de edición y me pareció importante resaltar algunas palabras. JA JAJA]



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