[ Vanitas ]

Yesterday was my first day at my new job, yet I don’t go to like.. work WORK, they are showing us a long powerpoint, speeches and stuff, so we will be ready when the time comes. Still being cool, I’m very anxious to start soon.
I had to buy new formal clothes for working, I have never being used to it, I felt absolutely embarrassed all the time, but even when was my first time seeing my future co-workers they nicely told me I was actually looking great, and they loved my hair color which is now dyed dark blue.
So, I went to Zara last weekend and bought some clothes I liked, I ended up very happy about it :’D


I didn’t want to wear a common white shirt. And I think I really had a good final result =)
It’s like one of the first time I think I actually looked pretty as a girl… lololols
Yesterday was such a cool busy day in that office, where I met very nice and pleasant people ~~ Due to my nicely being today, I hope everything turns up fine for all of us, destiny is a messy uncertain shit.



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