Hot Summer ~~

I’ve just watched 1st episode of Brave 10, and I kind of liked it… I love that supar japanese traditional culture during edo, samurais, honor and stuff ❤ Their culture… one of the most incredible things I admire of Japan~
Anyway, I wrote a little thought about it at tumblr

“I like when they make great characters -in- creations/designs, like Isanami’s; not in personality (lol), in costume pull off and whole combinations… I had the same feeling with Madoka (wich I haven’t watched yet)
I love Rokuro style… but it is such a cliche” 

I’ve been very sick of my stomach, now I just eat light things and many pills. I just want to eat the things I like… (|||_ _) chocolate…
Hope i’ll be ok for Monday, so I could do something for new year’s eve B: (and not to end up like yesterday at the hospital) 

I want so much to go back to cosplay, but I just hate doing it during summer x.x



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