I’ve haven’t been able to do much in a while, final exams at school were hard, not impossible tho. This is the last week before summer holidays, which I’m waiting anxiously for ~
Past week I had soooo much to write, but I got used to it; and I kinda liked it. Anyway…

Like 2 or 3 weeks ago, some friends and I were to our usual korean-restaurant which was awesome, the food is actually very healthy and friggin’ marvelous


In front of Sukine restaurant, there is a chinese store, very cute one; where I always go and buy some unnecessary stuff. And a very nice chinese-cashier-girl works (or owns) there, whose I’ve always tried to speak to (in mandarin), but still… haven’t dared ;____;

Also, last friday me and only girls -left guys at home- (lolols) went to some random bars to drink the most weird liquids I have ever seen XD  had a great-funny-night there ❤

Pan, [a.k.a] Pantsu lololss…

  1. Felipe~ dice:

    Me agrada! Yo estoy odiando por tener clases hasta enero y 1 mes de vacas, incluso será mi mes de trabajo febrero…
    Por la tardía del comentario, y de mi post de las mamonerías, si pololeo y es lo más extraño, pues mi concepción de relación es muy alejado de la pasionalidad, más apegado a la racionalidad. Pues es interesante el universo de cada relación, es un mundo diferente.
    Ah mi real blog es http://crisiscolectiva.wordpress.com/ Espero que lo leas y te obligo a que lo comentes >=O!!!


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