Blood Sucker

Its hard to recognize fake people, mostly when they are good actors. They sneak between relationships and group of friends just to reach a ‘high place’ ? -High place of what btw, wake up plz-
We are just a group of nerdie friends who gather around from time to time. Very often actually. And love each other ❤

When you realize you got the correct friends, it’s easier to detect them; I really apreciate that kind of loyalty, when you know they would never betray or forget you: those are my closest friends, the ones I apreciate and protect.

I’ve been keen on Vampires and role-playing gemu. You know… Dungeons & Dragons kind of~

And i’m looking forward to buy some dices tomorrow :B ~ Past weekend we played and it Rled ! ~

Not 6 faced-common-rolling-dices… I mean 4, 7, 10, 20 or 100’s ~



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