Personal Lucifer


I turned up 18, the past 12th of August. I still cannot believe all what happened that weekend. I even forgot to write. Can’t believe how important, happy and comfortable I felt. My friends organised a small but amazing meeting at somebody’s house, they bought me one delicious birthday cake ! They even had ballons =///= which I loved B:

Things seems to finally start changing for good; I’m dying for going out with them more often =)

Even today, we met up with Miwa and Kate at a very cool cafe downtown. Is called “Tomodachi“, hahah even the name rocks *D*. Then, we went for some sushi *—*. I laughed a lot, and talked with many confidence, which hasn’t been very common in me since… well, never xD. I think of you as different parts of me, which I actually like and I want to keep with me. Also Misa, whom we miss today n___ñ ~

The day after my b-day we also met up with Wani, my half-korean-mostly-chilean (lol xD) friend c: ; we stopped the time, and went to catch some mutant clovers trough the city while taking pictures and drinking some marvellous Starbucks coffe B: (mutant face wins). Ñe, love ya ~

bleh… I just saw the full moon’s beams trough my window.


…yet bakán~



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