I have been very sick since days ago; even I stayed in bed yesterday =     =  it was awfud~ my whole body was in pain.

Last week a friend a I decided to go in cosplay for a convention. The costume wasn’t mine, but It was really great and luckily it fit me B: We had such a fantastic time there, she’s becoming one of those important ones in your life; she’s also very similar to me; is amazing xD

I was cosplaying as Lucifer (black costume) and my friend as Rosiel (blue one) from Angel Sactuary, even if everything came out incredibly fast and I was so friggin’ nervous, I felt very comfortable with the costume, and for the sake of not cosplaying alone c:

Something interesting that happened : a young girl came near me to ask me if I was a girl or a boy .____. hahaha xD I guess the crossplay DID worked after all :B. Well… now I have short hair, even in my dairy life people call me “..boy” xD. It doesn’t bother me at all. I’m actually very open-minded to this kind of things and very tolerant aswell.

It is just a matter of self-confidence I guess; since the start I have had all the things clear inside me. So I just smile and keep my way everytime they threat me as a boy.

Somedays I feel more “boyish” tho (I just have to wear normal clothes LOL) and others: more girly ( …well, I don’t have many girly clothes, I don’t really like them =D= and make up… is not for me, and never will 8D ).

The thing is I’m VERY tall.(Not like giant or like a monster; but… tall) (175 cm) and my voice has always been very low; so I’m very strange :B.  =        =



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