Cry me a river by Michael Bublé

I feel bored, or scared of life. Seems it has nothing to give me. I’ve wanted to put an end to it since weeks ago, but I don’t have the guts. I’ve never have them. This is gonna be a piece of me that maybe I don’t want to forget.

I wanna be a photographer. I want to find eternity, and print it on paper, where it would remain forever. And I believe I have the skill to find it.

I am a lonely person, I don’t need other people with me and I don’t care. People these days doesn’t seem to care about important stuff; they don’t give a shit about Loyalty, about Eternity, about Pride. Just insubstantial relations or meaningless thoughts.

Colder days have come at last, which makes me feel really good. It’s the perfect excuse to go to Starbucks more, to warm your body (and soul aswell, why not).

Past week was my last-first lesson of my Chinese path. Luckily we all agreed to make a second part to keep learning together. So, it’s cool. This two months I realised that I’m more social with older people. (They are all 30-40, and most of them: already married xD). So it’s pretty weird to be the youngest one. But it doesn’t bother me at all.

Bih Lian, our teacher, cooked for us some tsk… “Zhong guo cai 8D” (Chinese food, REAL Chinese food) wich was heavenly. In my way back home, I realised how much I like other languages. I would like to learn Russian next. Then, maybe Mayan ot Latin

I love photography too much. I’ve been looking forward on buying a new camera (Canon or Nikon). But i’m too young for a job yet. (Well… I’m actually 17). And i don’t get money really often. And I also found those bishie-boots I’ve been searching since a long time, and they are very expensive T^T (like… 140US). I need munnies.



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