Flowers in Bloom [Red Swamp Bottom]

At the bottom of the red swamp
If you dare to venture in
You will see the coral growing
It is sharp like needles

In this place, the light
Can never seem to reach
This is where sinners will fall
And suffer for eternity

So painfull! My skin is burning to dust!
They dragged my insides and I saw rotting fruit
And then I saw my own eyes melting
They disappeared into nothing

You can’t change the past and future
Just by repenting your foolish actions
Oh God! Save me from this misery!
I cant stand to hear these horrible things!

You say that you will pay for your sins
But that is such an impossibility
How can you even speak of repenting
When not even the pain and sorrow of man reflected in your eyes?

You were driven only by your desires and
Fell into the trap.
This is The Red Swamp Bottom.
You will never be illuminated by the light again
Only endless suffering…



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