Massive F*ckin’ Earthquake

I have never felt an earthquake like this before, NEVER.

As I am writting this, a little one came… holy shit.

When I woke up last morning, I didn’t know what the hell was going on, everything was falling down. I could heard a dark and low noise coming out from everywhere. I felt panic. I didn’t know what to do as I tried to stood up (which was really hard). I tried to think of my mother, who was far away from home. And Misa, a really close friend of me. I was wondering if she was OK.

When I got calm, I started looking for mono, my young sister, who was scared in her bed because a book hit her feet.

We haven’t had light since two days ago, when the earthquake took place. Luckily we have water, phone (not mobile), and gas. Not lucky had it the south of my country. They have no water, no food or light. And everything is destroyed. Even here in the capital, many bridges felt down, and some buildings totally collapsed.

I started to read Cell, from Stephen King since a few days ago. Which got me nuts XD. I know this doesn’t have to do with mobiles, but when everyone started to use their phones, lines collapsed.

I felt like it was the perfect moment for the pulse…

Sé que no tiene nada que ver Cell acá. Pero realmente me ha ayudado a apartar mi mente un poco de todo lo que pasa por acá. Estan siendo momentos realmente difíciles, sobre todo para el sur de mi país. La gente comienza a desesperarse para obtener recursos básicos, lo que realmente debe ser… bueno, una mierda. Por suerte nosotros que estamos en la capital, tenemos agua y gas. Luz, bueno… aun NO.

Si por casualidad alguien de allá leyera esto. Mucha suerte, ojala todo mejore pronto.

hasta la próxima que me consiga internet ~~

Oh, and sorry for my f*cking english… well, I don’t care.  e_________e




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