No Clouds In Blue Heavens

Like 2, or maybe 3 hours ago, I came back from the beach (I really hate beach). At the very north of my country. Very Hot. Really boring. Very nothing. I can’t believe I spent a week there (Family trip. I couldn’t say NO). Anyway. It gave me several moments to clear my mind, to think what I want… at last for now. I really NEED this year for me. To see things clearly. To plan (somehow) my future.

Is incredible how things looks so tiny from the plane. Nothing seems to reach you. Just clouds, like a safe floor that will catch you if you fall. Softly and calm.

One day I started to feel completelly alone. And all for sudden, I saw a tiny light at the end of the tunnel. It was a short text from a friend, a really close friend for me. Who asked when I was gonna be back, and how was I.

I have never been close to many people. To anyone, actually. I’m very idiot with people. I’m sarcastic, boring, serious and a total asshole. But she seems to be the first person who can stand next to me. She’s my total opposite. Hyper, funny, pretty, VERY PRETTY and nice. And I don’t really know why she does all of this… but I really apreciate her. She’s becoming quite important to me :).



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