One Bloody Hot Summer

I went to Stabucks this morning, to get a vitalizing Chai Tea Latte with soy milk. The sun was annoying early, as usual. But a cold breeze was blowing softly with a nice smell. It wasn’t that bad after all.

Then, doctor. Blooody bad. Literally.

I also found a chinesse-food store near my house, where I can buy ingredients for cooking it. Quite interesting I thought… now that I will have time for these things :). Because, finally, I won’t go to school this year. Wich makes me feel REALLY better. I’ll take free exams, osu. I’ll have plenty of time to do my things, to go out, to sew, to cook (study too, of course), and many other things. Is going to be really interesting…

Also, this year I must decide what I am going to study at university. And I will have to prepare myself  for a big exam, so I can get in. It’s called PSU, wich means something like “University Selection Test” or well… something like that.


Yesterday I went to the cinema. I saw The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, wich was awesome. I forgot the last time I enjoyed so much a movie. (No, I didn’t liked Avatar THIS much. Just the effects). I really loved the last job of Heath Ledger, it’s… I don’t know… i really have no words to describe it xD since yesterday i feel weird. The movie really shocked me. I’ve already seen him on Batman and Candy, wich I really liked. But this time was… different. Whatever.

I’m having terrible nights since weeks ago. I can’t sleep. I wake up every 30 mins and I try to sleep again, but it keeps happening. I sleep like 3 or 4 hours each night. My doctor also gave me pills for this. But it doesn’t seem to work.

Days go on slowly. And yellow.



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