Let it snow ~

Ironic title 8D. Where i live, christmas is/was bloody hot. But later i’ll talk about that. On another journal maybe ~

I went to Anime Festival like 2 or 3 weeks ago. Where i was suppose to go on cosplay but i didn’t :B. I just wore a white/silver wig with normal clothes. I didn’t wanted to look like the normal me xD. And it turned out pretty weird cuz many people thought that i dyed/almost killed my hair xD. It was cool tho ~

In general it was boring =____= but staying with friends absolutelly made my day. And the girl who use to buy my wigs on the net, Mariela, won the second place to the Yamato Cosplay Cup in… Brazil (?). I wanted her to win, her Villeta cosplay was kickass 8D ~


After all of that, i also went to see Avatar. To be honest i  wasn’t expecting anything from the movie. I thought it would be a common futuristic movie about another planet… but wow; i mean… W-O-W. I forgot the last time i enjoyed this much seeing a movie… since like- the last Star Wars movie I saw =DDD= i really want to see it again 8D ~

Y hablando de Star Wars, me he estado levantando temprano… tipo 8am, y no sé… me quedo viendo tv y después los dibujos animados  que dan, me hace sentir de vacaciones 8D (I’m such a tard, i know) (Y por alguna razón me estoy volviendo muy infantil… y ando como d’ah; parece que es para que ande mas relajada y weà) y luego dan The Clone Wars que ha hecho revivir un poco mi amor por la saga Star Wars. Me encantó el pj de Ahsoka 8D, y el de Anakin por su puesto… pero el siempre me gustó <333 luvv ~



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